Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 9....

All I can say is WOW!  So much has been happening yesterday and today.  Yesterday,  a friend from my work and his wife came over to see me.  When I talked to him Tuesday, he said that it may sound weird but his wife had prayed for people in the past and they were healed.  He said I didn't have to tell him right then but if I wanted to he would ask her to come pray for me.  Without hesitation I told him yes.  After he talked to his wife and told her that he had volunteered her we set up Saturday afternoon.  She came over and told me how she would like to pray for me and then read me scriptures on why she would pray the way she did.  I had no pre-conceived notion on how this would be done, so I wasn't sure how it would go.  But it was a very holy time and I could feel the Lord's presence as her and her husband prayed for me.  (Thank you so know who you are)  My wife was there of course, and I also had our two children there as well.  When they left and we were riding to a friends house I asked the boys what they thought of that, and of course they said it was different.  I told them I hope that God chooses to heal me through the prayers of others, and the reason why is so only God would be able to get the glory.  I still hope that happens.

Today was great!  I got up this morning and was very excited and scared at the same time.  My nature is to worry alot about things, so I was worried about today not going as good as I had it in my mind.  But looking back over today, it was even better than I pictured.  I wish I could have taped all of the expressions of love that were told to me today....from the old to even the very young, it seemed this story God has given me has struck a chord with many.  Who would have thought that God would use an average guy like me for this. Praise God! One thing that has really been brought to light in looking inward is that I have never truly worshiped the Lord.  I would just keep my emotions inside and let just a little out, but today I felt like I was really able to open my hear to God and worship.  The songs I we played today I have heard hundreds of times, but it was so amazing how God highlighted words in each song....Healer, holy, and so many more that normally not mean much to me. I really felt the Holy Spirit in each service, and thank all of you that came out and prayed with me to our God for His will in all of this.  For those of you that were at the 2nd and 3rd service, I asked Dean to speak (Sooo not me) but for those of you that did not get to hear me....Here is what I pray for all of you.
1) Pray that I am healed....and tell your friends to pray for me that I am healed.  I would love to make it through this and be somewhere far away from here one day and run into or meet someone and when I tell them my name they will say....I prayed for you.  I have told Kara this several times.  
2) What I want for all of us.....whether God chooses to heal me or not.  I want us to see the amazing thing that God has planned in this.  The very first day I got the results I came home and told Kara that God is going to do something amazing.  I dont know what it is....but I want you to follow this story and watch as God reveals it to us will be worth the wait I promise.

Now lets see what tomorrow brings...are you ready?


  1. You're in perfect hands! Literally.
    Thank you for allowing us to share in this move of God in your life. We're ALL praying and standing with you Elmore family.