Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 11...

Well not much has happened as far as progress wise with the Doctors.  I am waiting on two things right now....one would be what they discussed at Wake Forest in the Tumor board today.  They should have gotten my MRI by yesterday and reviewed it today.  I didn't expect to hear from them today really, but would have been nice.  The other thing is an appointment at Duke.  I did talk to them today and they were waiting on the Neurosurgeon to review the information then schedule me an appointment for biopsy.  The person at the office said I should hear from them in the next couple of days. 
    What has been really cool is to hear from others that I am an encouragement to them.  I have had several people today tell me that they have read my blog and have been encouraged.  It really isn't me.  If this were me I ,would not be speaking to people I dont know or standing up in front of several hundred people and speaking...that just doesn't normally come from me.  I am the quiet one that doesn't speak out.  The Lord is definitely using me,  not sure what his plans are, but I am definitely headed down an unknown path.  I just pray that I do what He wants of me.  Kara and I already talked about this the other day and we were saying that maybe on the other side of this we may be doing something totally different, I even mentioned speaking at other churches about the great things that are being done through this.  Very exciting to think about,  maybe Kara will even talk in front of people (she is reading this as I write and laughing)  but who knows.  If He can take a person like Moses and create a leader out of him, then that isn't much a stretch of the imagination.
     I can't tell you enough,  pray for me.  I know it sounds selfish, but that is far from the intent.  I just want you to pray and seek God's will in my life and yours and while we do that, lets watch for the Amazing thing He is going to reveal. 


  1. Greg, you are doing some powerful writing!
    Your Spiritual Fish is really being enlarged.
    http://bcswonline.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-big-is-your-spiritual-fish.html May you always be in God's will.

  2. Isn't God great!
    Waiting for a phone call can be draining. I hope you hear something soon,
    I talked to two people at Wal-Mart yesterday & told them to ask their church
    to pray for you. They were glad to do it.
    I don't think it's selfish at all to ask people to pray for you, it shows you believe in
    the POWER of prayer!!