Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 13....

Well tomorrow it will be two weeks since I was diagnosed, three weeks since I had the first symptom.  A few things have happened since I wrote last.  I think by the course of how things happened God has led me in one direction as far as my treatment.  I received a call on Wednesday from the Neurosurgeon’s office at Duke yesterday afternoon.  They called to say that the Neurosurgeon wants to do the Biopsy on Friday March 16 as this is the earliest he could do it as he is not in town until Thursday night (I believe he goes to other hospitals in the country and performs operations there as well) So I will check in on Thursday to the hospital and they will make sure I am ok to take the surgery, then on Friday I will meet the Doctor the first time right before I get the biopsy done.  So after setting that up, 20 minutes later I get a call from Wake Forest.  They called to tell me that the woman that had my MRI on Monday was sick so the Tumor board did not review my case on Tuesday….so pretty much I was still stuck at the same spot I was last Thursday.  They also said they wanted to schedule a consultation with the Neurosurgeon tomorrow (Friday) this would be just to see him and discuss doing a biopsy, basically what was talked about last Thursday. So it seems they are dragging their feet while Duke has already got me scheduled and ready to go.  Duke has been decisive and direct while Wake has been the opposite…so pardon the pun…it is a no-brainer.
            This week God has pointing out things to me that I have missed all my life.  I will tell you about a couple of things.  One, is that all things in life point to God our one and only.  Think about all of the things that would have had to happen by chance in order for us to be here without a Devine Creator.  I don’t think anyone could logically argue evolution if they actually looked at the big picture.  I really was overwhelmed when I realized this the other day, every living thing was put here to point to the Lord, and we were especially put here to praise him.  We should quit ignoring the obvious and join in and praise the one true God.  Don’t wait till you are tapped on the shoulder like I was.  
 Secondly, one thing that I had long stopped believing was that people care about each other.  There were several times in where friends and others have hurt us and we got to the point where it was easier to a) trust no one b) rely only on each other.  We had decided that people inherently did not care about anyone but themselves.  This past week has changed this for us.  We have people all over the nation, who have never met us, that are praying for us, they actually care for us without ever spending time with us.  It has restored my belief in others that people want to do good, that they want to help others….that they care.  I don’t know why I was compelled to tell this today, and I certainly can’t believe what the Lord has laid on my heart the last week.  I am typing this but it is hard to believe that it is me saying this.  For the longest time I have just “shown up” to church.  Listen to the sermon, enjoy the music then go home without ever being really changed.  I still am far from being one of those people who you admire because of their walk with the Lord.  I still have yet to sit down and read the bible for hours, but I have started spending time with my family every night reading verses that people have sent either me or Kara and then actually talking about it with the family on how that should apply to our lives. But most of all I have spent hours praying to the Lord that His will be done.  I hope that this story never becomes the “Greg Story” I would much rather it be...”Do you remember that guy that had a brain tumor and God worked in his life….”  
Each one of us has a story, I pray that it is never as dramatic as mine, but you should share it with others.  Tell others what God is doing in your life.  You will be surprised how it will affect others.


  1. That is truly awesome Greg. What a wonderful testimony. Praying for you, your family, and doctor's wisdom.

    Patricia Jordan Gillispie