Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 7 Addition

Just wanted to share a call I got today.  The Doctor from Duke Called me about 3:30 today while I was at work.  Again he threw me off guard.  He is very abrupt and doesn't beat around the bush.  He said" this is Doctor ** and we reviewed your MRI and we think the next step is a biopsy.  We will get all of the insurance worked out and call you next week.  "  I said  uhhh....I went to Wake Forest yesterday and  they said that they wanted to do a biopsy.  When I said that he said " we you need to decide if you want to go to Wake Forest or do you want to go to the best"  No modesty there. He said that I need to make the decision before scheduling anything because there are many people who would want to be in my spot.  So I told him to count me in.  He said the man that will do my biopsy is the best...period.  This Doctor is the doctor who the Kennedy family chose for Ted Kennedy a few years ago to operate on his brain tumor.  And they could choose from any Doctor in the world.  So I feel this is great news that I again had a friend of a friend that chose to help me.  He didn't get me in contact with a clinic.....he actually gave me the Doctor's pager number which I have been told that not just anyone gets.  God is so good.  I believe He will show how good he is this weekend when my church family prays for me at all 3 services on Sunday.  If you are reading this I hope that you will come and experience God's blessings during one of these services. Yes I want God to heal me...but more than that I want God to show Himself to us all.


  1. God is so good. I have chills while reading this.

  2. Fantastic!!! It's moving quickly! God's timing is just right!