Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 33...

Some great things have happened today I wanted to share.  The first was that the very first Neurosurgeon that I saw right after being diagnosed called the house this morning to see how I was doing.  Well I was not home but he took the time to answer questions that Kara had that we had not asked anyone yet or was unsure of the answer.  He spent 30 minutes talking to her knowing that we will probably not be coming back to see him.  So he actually was concerned with us enough to listen to Kara and answer her questions.  He also asked that we have our records copied and sent to him as well so he could keep up with me, and offer help if he finds something that could help me.  How awesome is that?? Then Kara went and picked up the boys from school and stopped by Cracker Barrel to look for something.  While she was there she ran into an old friend from a previous church and talked to her a few minutes.  After she was caught up on what has been going on with us, she mentioned that she had a customer that had a brain tumor that was discovered over 5 years ago that is still in her but they go in ever so often when it grows and shrink it enough to not affect her. These two things today came at the right time when Kara needed it.  She has been worried over the last week because things were not progressing how she felt it needed to.  This information really helped put her at ease.
   As far as the latest on my next step, I go Friday for my 3rd MRI and then next Thursday I go back to Duke to the Brain Tumor Center for my initial consultation with an Oncologist. Please pray that they will have a solid treatment plan that will be the best for me.  I appreciate everything that people have done for me and my family,  
prayers, food, spending time with us, watching the kids for us and getting them to school, all of this and more is very appreciated.  Thank you!

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