Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 14....

     Well today is exactly 2 weeks since I was diagnosed with a Malignant Glioma Brain Tumor.  So much has happened in the last two weeks in my life, it is almost like a light switch has been switched on and I can see clear now.  But through all of the last two weeks one thing has become clear.  God is in control.  I pray daily that I do nothing to get in the way of what God has planned.  That is very hard for me because I always have a timetable that I want to be on.  But, it has become very obvious that this never worked in the past, so I have relinquished everything over to Him.  Just wish I could have done it long ago.
       Well, on a more joyful note, my youngest son Grant is 11 today.  I got the privilege to go to his school and spend his lunch time with him.  He has been pretty giddy all week since his birthday was coming and today was no exception.  He did a birthday “dance” in the parking lot while he was waiting for us to get the cupcakes and his lunch to bring into the lunch room.  He is so cute and has such a great heart.  I pray that life doesn’t try to change him in this respect.  He is so much like me in the fact that he loves to joke and cut up.  I have always liked to tell jokes and make people laugh and he does too. Near the end of lunch all of the kids in the lunch room started singing happy birthday to him.  He loved the attention.  It made me tear up because I was able to be there for that little part of his life…and just a few weeks ago, it wouldn’t have bothered me to not go and have lunch with him. Hmmm…..again God showing me his priorities are always better.  Examine yours.

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