Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 19

Well things have been pretty exciting around today.  This morning since it was supposed to be such a gorgeous day, I chose to ride my motorcycle to work.  I got about a mile from the house and was coming up on traffic.  There was a school bus coming toward me in the other lane and it turned it's amber lights on.  When it did this the first of two cars in front of me slammed on brakes, therefor the minivan in front of me did the same..  I was doing about 45 as I was approaching and I hit my brakes.  Well I got down to somewhere around 20 MPH and started skidding.  Now here comes the God thing.  I slammed into the back of that minivan dead center of the vehicle.  Anyone knows that an object in motion tends to want to stay in motion in the same direction.  Well, that is unless God wants something different.  When I hit that van I was thrown off of the motorcycle and went off at about 90 degrees from forward.  (God Intervened)I hit the ditch and rolled I dont know about 5 or six times and popped back up on my feet.  I immediately went to see if the driver of the van was ok.  She was sitting there holding on to the steering wheel looking straight in front of her.  This is conjecture, but I think she was scared to go back and see what happened to me.  Well I asked her if she was OK and she said she was and asked me the same.  We went back to the back of the van and talked and another guy on a Harley stopped and made sure I was OK.  He son helped me get the motorcycle back upright.  We exchanged information and I got the motorcycle started and went home.   I walked in the house and Kara started yelling "Is that you Greg?" and I said yes.  She kept asking me why I was back.  I did not answer until I got in the bedroom and told her I was in a wreck.  SHe got upset for a minute and then said "I knew it!"  I asked her what she ment.  She said when she was dropping the boys off for school something came over her and she felt that something happened to me... kind of strange but that has happened alot lately.  We hugged for a while and I told her that she wasnt going to be able to get rid of me apparently.  I got in the car to head to work and on the way it just hit me so powerfully....God used this to reiterate that He has a plan for my life...a BIG one!  If He did not have a plan for me then He could have just not saved me this morning.  It is obvious that it was else can it be explained that I flew off the motorcycle in the totally opposite direction than I was going and land in a grassy ditch.  When I realized this I was laughing and crying at the same time...God has a perfect plan for me  and a big one at that,  and He has a sense of humor as well.  He used a wreck to remind me that 1) He is in control 2) He has a plan, no matter what I do.
What an Amazing God we serve!


  1. God is just too cool when He does things like that. Thanking God ahead of time for your healing. Keep it up, brother!

  2. God is amazing and awesome! So glad you weren't hurt!