Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 27....

Well, I thought I would I would just update you on the news I have gotten this week….OK I am done.  I have not heard back yet from the Doctor this week as of Thursday at lunch.  I have had many people ask why I haven’t updated my blog yet.  It has actually been a busy week with Ean’s 13th birthday and work.  Hopefully, I will hear something this afternoon or tomorrow so I will know the next step in my journey.  Thank you all so much for praying for me and getting your friends to pray for me.  God is still working hard and has really changed my view on life in these last few weeks.  The things that used to be important are not.  With our pastor’s sermon on Sunday, he spoke of the things that we try to achieve so that we will be happy.  A better car….a better spouse….a better house…yet it is all a carrot hung out in front of us that we will never reach, because when we get it the carrot moves back out in front of us again and the chase starts over again.  Be content with what you have!  Life is too short to be chasing irrelevant things.   

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