Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 42

Today was a great day... So much has happened.  I actually slept late today which was great.  Then I went and did what I said I wanted to a tattoo.  Again, I dont condone this for anyone else, but I wanted something permanent that would symbolize my love for God and His love for me.  So I got a "seal upon my arm" as I said in a past entry.  It was alot less painful than I thought it would be.  So let me get to the important stuff.  Tonight we went to our church's Good Friday Service.  The service was very simple but very powerful.  It incorporated the reading of the crusifixion account as well as some video from the movie Mel Gibson did on Jesus a few years back.  It was so powerful in portraying what Christ went through for us to complete His fathers plan.  Everyone left very somberly and sad, which we should be on this day for having to make God resort to sending His Son to die on the cross for us.  After we talked a while, Kara went on with the boys to the car while I told a couple of people bye.  When I walked around the corner I saw Kara hugging Grant in the parking lot and Grant was crying.  I thought he may had tripped, so I went to see if he was OK.  I asked Kara if he was hurt and she shook her head and motioned for me to come over. When I got there, Grant was crying and Kara was trying to get him to tell her what was wrong.  He said that he was scared, and I thought that he meant that the video scared him since it was so graphic.  But he said something that caught us off guard.  He said he was scared because he was not certain that he was saved.  He was younger when he prayed to get saved, shortly after Ean was saved, so we have wondered if he did it because his big brother did it.  We explained to him that it is ok to pray again if he was uncertain to make sure.  We talked to him again about what it meant to be saved and asked him if he believed this.  He said that he did believe this.  So Kara asked him if he wanted to pray again, and he said yes.  So she led him in praying to be saved and to confirm that what he believes is true.  He felt much better afterwards.  I am so thankful for our boys and their openness to talking to us about things like this.  I am thankful for a Lord that sent his son on this day to die for every one of this.   I just pray if you have never prayed that simple prayer in which you admit you have sinned and you believe that Christ died you, then I hope you will do it today.  Your life will be so much fulfilling and the trials that we go through in life become so much more easier to go through.  So today Mourn this day that Christ suffered for us....but it does not stop with that.  On Sunday, rejoice in the fact that he rose again....He did this all for You!

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